‘Love your super nice green life’


Don’t just cut out animal products

Eat unlimited vegetables, including starchy ones

Eat the colours of the rainbow. Fruit – 2-4 portions per day. PLUS the following groups each day

Person Cooking Healthy Meal


Legumes peas / beans / lentils 


Seeds   chia / flax / hemp 


Nuts (unsalted) cashew / almond


Grains (whole) oats / quinoa 


Leafy green kale / broccoli


Plant Based Nutrition


On my journey to discover peace and heal myself, I researched a variety of diets to find the most healing nutrition for my body and mind.


I have been on various forms of plant-based diet since 2003. Since having a melanoma diagnosed then, I realized that the toxins I was unknowingly feeding my body in the food I consumed, and the agricultural methods, soil depletion, and modern practices used to make them, were potentiating, not only my cancer risk but also ischaemic heart disease, diabetes, and stroke risks. I could meditate all I like, but the beneficial effects on my brain and body would not be maximized unless I acted on my diet. 


I am happy to share my knowledge and experience with you, to assist YOUR body in turning off the harmful effects of the stress response which can be activated by eating not only, a Standard American Diet, but also other diet trends which may be promoted as being healthy. In my teachings, I will guide you on your journey to support your body with the nutrition it needs, without excessive cost or time to you and your family.


If you are based in Canada, please get in touch here, to arrange a private consultation.


I am offering group medical visits on Zoom Medical, for patients with high cholesterol, which are MSP covered. Patients must reside in British Columbia. This involves 2 separate 90 minute group Zoom sessions, 2 weeks apart,  

BOOK 2x Group Medical Visits - for patients with borderline or high cholesterol.

Online booking for Group Medical Visits on Plant Based Eating


Online resources for plant based nutrition

I was particularly inspired by Dr T. Colin Campbell's work on plant based nutrition, and have completed his University course on Whole Food Plant based eating.




I am excited to be on the board of Sea to Sky Thrivers, a local BC non profit, with a goal of preventing and reversing chronic illness and disease.

There are some eye-opening statistics on the Nutrition Facts website about the health effects of eating a plant based diet. Particularly about preventing and treating heart disease.


The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has lots of useful resources, including a free 6 week course full of help in turning vegan. It's available via Zoom or on demand.


The Vegetarian Resource Group has a lot of resources and recipes.

Finally, The Vegan Society, is a charity based in the UK that promotes the vegan lifestyle in the community.

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