Dr Lucy teaches Creativity Mobilization Technique or CMT. It is also known as Mess Painting, a method of conscious exploration and self expression. We spend most of our time in a left-brain dominated thinking pattern. Practicing CMT facilitates right-brain activity. This helps not only with creative pursuits such as writing and art, but also to find creative solutions to life problems.


"To become more of who we really are"

Dr W. Luthe

Most people cannot intentionally activate their creativity. CMT provides a short cut to deeper levels of unconscious processes. Dr Wolfgang Luthe, the founder of the technique taught it in Vancouver in the 1970's before his death and Dr Lucy is excited to bring it back to this city and now by Zoom to any resident of Canada. 

"The process of 'mess' making on newspaper sheets represents in microcosm, the difficulties encountered by the client in real life. As the mess confrontations of these are dealt with, so major changes take place in the person's life"

Dr W. Luthe


Dr Lucy is certified to teach CMT by the British Autogenic Society, who have a guide to the technique which you can find on their website.

You do not need to previous experience with Autogenic Therapy to participate. CMT is "no thought" painting. You will allow your creative energy to flow freely, making marks on paper without making any conscious decisions to depict anything or control the colours and patterns that you are making. It is about the process. You will practice four times a week in your own space, and bring some of your paintings to the session.

The CMT course is taught over six  weeks (private pay), ideally in groups but can also be individual.  

CMT courses are run on Zoom now. Prices depend on the number of participants for each course.

Please email for more information about these courses.