Who I am 

I am a physician, with a degree in Neuroscience. For 15 years, I have been teaching patients methods to feel safe at their core and reverse a lifetime of cultural conditioning and trauma in order to facilitate authentic self-expression. This is fundamental for health and healing, both physically and emotionally.

What I offer 


I have created a number of Group Education Sessions, mostly taught in groups over 7 weeks, in person (not since COVID restrictions) or by Zoom Medical Telehealth.

Embodied Mindfulness (MSP covered) Group medical visits over seven weeks for anxiety reduction.

Autogenic Meditation Once AT has been practiced for 6-12 months, this advanced technique can be learnt, to intentionally explore deep into the unconscious for healing and self actualization. This is private pay individually or in groups. 

Creativity Mobilization Technique Also called Mess Painting, it is a 6 week program taught in groups or individually (all private pay), to explore self-expression and ignite creativity, in writers, artists and anyone else wanting to find creative solutions to problems in their personal or professional life.

Plant Based Eating Hosting group and individual consultations.

I work as a family doctor in Vancouver but my family practice (MSP) list is full, I am not accepting new patients and there is no wait list. 

My philosophy 

I have always seen people as battling the pressures of the busy, modern world, yet living with a brain and body that has evolved to cope with the conditions of life as it was thousands of years ago. 

Today, people are constantly in a state of active concentration, with an overactive stress response. They never feel at peace.


I learnt Autogenic Therapy myself in 2003, as a resident working 100 hour weeks, with a huge amount of stress caring for sick relatives as well.  I had tried many types of relaxation and none worked with my busy mind until I found AT. 


I never believed it was possible (and easy) to intentionally turn off the body’s sympathetic nervous system – the part which nature intended to activate, to help us escape a lion attacking us. The same ancient part of our autonomic nervous system reacts in the same way to everyday stresses now.


Unless we learn to turn it off, it will lead to cardiovascular disease, chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety to name a few conditions.  Even just by improving sleep alone, it is providing the very foundation of health. 

When I was diagnosed with a melanoma skin cancer in 2003, I realized that I needed to have a strategy to counteract the negative effect of the business of my life. I did not want the cancer to metastasize. Yet I still wanted an exciting career and to live life to the full. The more I would worry that there may be cancer cells still in my body, the more I realized the worry itself would keep my fight or flight response active, thus, raising my cortisol levels, inflammation and impairing immune system function. So worrying about the cancer was directly reducing my body's ability to clear the cancer cells.

Only by being able to turn off the sympathetic nervous system fight and flight response, can we make the switch to the parasympathetic nervous system state of rest and repair. 


My role as physician is to help my patients to assist their own homeostatic mechanisms in the brain and body, to promote healing by increasing sleep, changing diet, exercise regimes and reducing exposure to toxins. I believe that medications serve to control symptoms until they can integrate these longer-term routines to promote longevity, but in most cases medicines alone cannot provide a lasting cure for disease.



About the techniques

The trainings have been developed to Embodied Mindfulness from Autogenic Therapy (AT), which is a Western Meditative practice. The underlying principle is restoring homeostasis (balance) of body and mind. Part of the practice is forming new connections between the brain’s hemispheres and between brain and areas of the body.


This contemplative practice takes 5 minutes 3 times per day. You can learn to access a state of deep relaxation and "turn off your thoughts" at will, without disrupting your busy schedule. The technique is taught individually over eight sessions.

Please note that Embodied Mindfulness and Autogenic Therapy are intended to complement your usual medical care, not replace it. You should continue to follow the advice of your healthcare providers.

Dr Lucy Lyons is a kind, patient, professional doctor who cares for her clients. I benefited tremendously from her autogenic techniques / training.

Having had chronic pain for over 25 years I feel that I have control over my pain by doing the meditative exercises. My own doctor is very pleased with the outcome of following Dr Lucy's training. I highly recommend anyone in pain to take her autogenic training. Thank you Dr Lucy for giving my life back.


Autogenic Training has been very helpful in creating a space within myself where I feel I can begin authorship of certain parts of my own healing. I appreciate the simplicity and the emphasis on one's own self to guide the process.

Thank you for a wonderful seven weeks.


Dr Lyons' Autogenic Training was truly amazing for me. Having suffered from debilitating migraines for years, for the first time in my life I feel like I have some ability to control, manage or at the minimum to address my chronic pain. I can't recommend this training enough!


I feel that I learned a lot from you and from the other students. It is good to know that there is a tool we can access when all else seemingly fails. The ability to shut the brain down into a relaxed state will bring me much needed relief and hope for a more stress free life.