Autogenic Therapy

What is Autogenic Therapy?


AT is a German method to turn off the sympathetic nervous system, which mediates the stress response.


It was originally created in the 1930s by a psychiatrist, Johann Schultz, who was investigating hypnosis and created the method to enter a self generated state of relaxation. Dr Lucy teaches a version of Autogenics developed in the 1960s by Luthe. 

The underlying principle of AT is restoring homestatis (balance) of body and mind. Part of the practice is "embodied mindfulness" where new connections are formed between the brain's hemispheres and between the the brain and areas of the body.

If you want to find out more details about how Autogenic Therapy has been proven to help clinically, please see the research page.

What does it involve for me?

You will have an Initial assessment with Dr Lucy. You will be sent, via email, a questionnaire to complete and then bring back in person. We will discuss your medical and psychological history. 

The basic Autogenic Exercises are taught either individually or in a group. This requires 45 minutes at weekly intervals for 8 weeks (with some flexibility), and then a follow up session after 3 months. 


What equipment do I need? 



Where can I do the practice? 

There are 3 ‘postures’ – two can be done sitting in a chair and can also be done on public transit or in the washroom or lying down (in bed/on a mat/the beach),  


How long will it take? 

You need to make time for three five minute practices every day in the 8-weeks while you are learning. After this time exercises can be as quick as 2 five minute ‘breaks’ per day where you intentionally reset your Nervous system.


Individual Consultation: 45 minute session - $200

After the initial consultation you may choose to pre-pay the 8 further sessions at a discounted rate of $1450.

Please check with your extended healthcare provider as AT is often not covered.

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