Dr Lucy Lyons



Dr Lucy is a GP (family physician), neuroscientist and Autogenic Therapy trainer, based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a member of the clinical faculty of medicine at UBC University of British Columbia. Please note that her patient list is full. She is not able to accept new patients, and there is no waiting list at this time. 


She gained her physician license from UCL, London, UK in 2000, and her Canadian license in 2018. Whilst at UCL, Dr Lucy studied neuroscience and published research on the physiological mechanisms of pain.


Her clinical practice focuses on a non-drug approach to preventing and treating the real causes of disease, rather than masking the symptoms with medication. Shen encourages people to trust and support their own bodies, allowing natural pro-homeostatic systems to generate health and longevity. 


Dr Lucy is passionate about balance and wellness in professional life. She is co-chair of the Vancouver Coastal Health physician wellness committee. 


She been teaching AT since 2005, sharing the huge benefits AT has to offer. She is a founding member of the International Society of Autogenic Training and Autogenic Psychotherapy (ISATAP), based in Madrid, Spain. 

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