Autogenic Therapy to restore balance

Short term therapy. Long term benefits.

Autogenic Therapy can help with a range of medical and psychological needs, including Chronic Pain and Anxiety.

It can also help with insomnia and stress related conditions, eating disorders, Chronic Fatigue and fibromyalgia 

Dr Lucy Lyons is a kind, patient, professional doctor who cares for her clients. I benefited tremendously from her autogenic techniques / training.

Having had chronic pain for over 25 years I feel that I have control over my pain by doing the meditative exercises. My own doctor is very pleased with the outcome of following Dr Lucy's training. I highly recommend anyone in pain to take her autogenic training. Thank you Dr Lucy for giving my life back.

SM, 49 years old

About Autogenic Therapy 


Autogenic Therapy (AT) is a Western Meditative practice. The underlying principle is restoring homeostasis (balance) of body and mind. Part of the practice is ‘embodied mindfulness’, where new connections are formed between the brain’s hemispheres and between brain and areas of the body.


This contemplative practice takes 5 minutes 3 times per day. You can learn to access a state of deep relaxation and "turn off your thoughts" at will, without disrupting your busy schedule. The technique is taught individually over eight session.

Please note that Autogenic Therapy is intended to complement your usual medical care, not replace it. You should continue to follow the advice of your healthcare providers.

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